Our Guide to Perfecting Airport Chic

The My Curves & Me Guide to Perfecting Airport Chic

By Leah on 26th Jun 2014 | No Comments

When it comes to travelling, striking the balance between comfort and style is often a difficult one to complete. Regardless of where we’re travelling to, we all want to look good when we touch down in our chosen destination, but at the same time our most stylish outfits are perhaps not the most relaxing ones for surviving those long-haul flights. This guide will provide an array of inspiration for keeping your stakes high in the style game, and arriving overseas feeling calm and refreshed!

1. Slouchy and Snug

Oversized garments are bang on trend at the moment, harnessing a slouchy tomboy look with an air of femininity. Sizing up in basics such as simple t-shirt, blazers, cardigans and other upper-garments is a simple way to achieve this super stylish look, whilst the looser fit gives room for movement in your cabin seat, without the stress of being ‘twisted up’ in your outfit during the flight.


Emma stone airport

2. Saviour Sunglasses!

Nobody wants to be wearing a full face of make-up when they step on the plane, but if you’re worried about showing your tired eyes, simply don your sunglasses! Keep your facial make-up light, using a BB or CC cream to even out your complexion and conceal any blemishes, whilst keeping your under-eyes moisturised with a concentrated eye-cream as you fly. Wear your sunglasses prior to the flight to conceal your make-up free eyes, and then apply eye make-up just before you land for a fresh, make-up look! What’s more, sunglasses are also the epitome of glam, ideal for upping your airport chic!


Myleene Klass airport
3. Dressed Down Departures

Holidays are designed for relaxation, so why make an effort with your airport outfit if the whole purpose of you being there is to enjoy a little down time? Try a bit of reverse chic, by digging out your comfy casuals and teaming with a couple of subtle accessories and loose flowing hair to style them up. Comfy and chic!


sienna_7 airport

4. Hot in Hats

Woken up late on departure day, leaving no time to wash or style your hair? Panic not! You can still look super stylish in the terminal by donning a hat. Trilbys, wide-brimmed hats and flat caps are just a few styles that can up your airport chic factor with minimal effort.


Gwen Stefani airport

5. Boyfriend Beautiful

Chic doesn’t necessarily mean clean cut and tailored. The boyfriend trend is another popular style amongst girls these days, with oversized graphic tees and large fit trainers just two key components of the look. Teamed with female fit jackets and baggy jeans, as well as sleek, straight hair, this look is seriously comfy, whilst combining a female edge with a wonderful, tomboy-ish look – ideal if you’re not an overly “girly” girl.


Cara airport

We hope that these tips have inspired you with ways of how to travel in both comfort and style with minimal effort. If it’s good enough for these high-maintenance celebrities, we’re fairly sure that it’ll work for you too! Happy travelling!

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